Latest Beauty Buys

Latest Beauty Buys

I am always in search of the latest and greatest beauty products.  From hair care to makeup, I love it all.  Honestly, I probably order something from Sephora once a week.  It would be easier if I had a Blue Mercury, Sephora, or a Nordstroms where I live, but unfortunately I don't!  So instead I [...]

Après Sun

It is officially Summer and the heat is upon us! As much as I looove a beautiful beach day, my skin and hair don't always agree. In order to combat flaky skin and brittle hair, I have gradually acquired a group of products that help my skin and hair recover from the salt water and [...]

Beach Bag Essentials

Although the official start of Summer is still a month away, I've always considered Memorial Day weekend the start of Summer.  So in preparation for the weekend ahead, I want to share my beach bag essentials!  I always have my beach bag on standby so I can scurry on up to the beach at a [...]