My Inspiration

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give credit to my greatest fashion inspiration – my aunt, the woman who introduced me to Hermès. She is the OG blog queen in my family (Summer Is A Verb) and the reason why I have such an affinity for expensive clothes and shoes. Since I can remember she has been passing down her shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelry and bikinis to my sister and me. Every time she brings me a bag of goodies, it’s like Christmas morning. As a child she would take my sister and me on an annual shopping trip to NYC and it is one of my greatest childhood memories. She exudes confidence and has taught me to wear what makes me feel fabulous and ignore the haters. She once tore through our local Harris Teeter in a full length fur coat and  quite literally made heads turn.

 Fashion is a Verb represents a way of life. My fashion sense is most certainly an extension of my aunt’s but with a bit of a twist. I hope to inspire others as she has inspired me and it is only fitting that a part of her is represented through my blog.