Adios Acne



As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am always searching for ways to combat my acne and prevent my skin from aging.  I currently use more than a dozen products on my skin each day and the only product that has truly helped with my acne is my Retinol. The rest of my beauty products do a great job at keeping my skin moisturized and wrinkle free but I need more than just Retinol to help with my breakouts.

I recently discovered Sunday Riley’s Saturn face mask and I am thrilled at how well it has been working!  For the most part, Retinol has done a great job at minimizing my breakouts, however I still suffer from those massive under the skin zits that are impossible to get rid of.  About once a month my skin is covered with this cyst-like acne and it drives me insane!!  Just a few days ago I woke up to one of these breakouts and I immediately covered my face with the Saturn face mask and I left it on for about 20 minutes.  It goes on clear and doesn’t turn into that dried-up-mud like most masks – which makes it easier to move your face muscles while it’s on!

Since I am incredibly impatient when it comes to my acne, after I washed off the mask and applied my lotions, I also used the mask as a spot treatment.  I am happy to report that within 36 hours my breakout was gone!  I have talked to many people, who suffer from the same type of acne as me, and the hardest part about dealing with acne is preventing yourself from picking at your skin – which in turn leaves horrible scars and scabs.  With this mask working it’s magic so quickly I was able to refrain from tearing apart my skin.

highly recommend this mask to anyone out there that suffers from acne!  No one wants to wake up to a bunch of red pimples on their skin, so any products out there that will help prevent that are worth every penny!


Sunday Riley Saturn Face Mask

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