Babe’s Birthday Bash



Last Tuesday, May 1st, was Rob’s 27th birthday!  For as long as I have known him he has never cared to celebrate his birthday.  We could NOT be more different!  So over the years I have constantly tried to figure out a way to make him feel special without buying him a frivolous gift or throwing him an extravagant party.  In past years, I have bought him meaningless gifts that he appreciated, yet probably doesn’t remember; I have taken him out to dinner with his closest friends, and some years I have only given him a birthday card.  However, last year I started a new tradition – surprising him with his favorite cupcakes and beer after he gets off work and some over-the-top balloons, to add a bit of flare! 

To my surprise, he was beyond thrilled with this small gesture and swore that it was the best birthday yet.  So, of course, this year I took it up a notch.  Instead of a six pack of RAR’s Nanticoke Nectar, I wanted to get him something to remind him just how much I appreciate all that he does for me and Chloe – a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.  Since I wanted there to be some element of surprise, I greeted him at the front door with candle-lit cupcakes and the ever so obnoxious 27 balloons (pictured above) when he got home from work on Monday night.

Needless to say, we had our fill of sugar and scotch that night!


The next morning was his actual birthday, and miraculously he was off of work!  Since we had a wedding to attend that upcoming weekend,  we headed to Brooks Brothers to pick up a new button-up.  However, I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if I didn’t convince Rob to try on an amazing blue suit that they had for sale.  Man, oh man, when he came out of that fitting room I knew that suit was coming home with us! Even the sales ladies couldn’t keep their eyes off of him.  

See what I mean, he is such a babe! ❤



After our shopping spree, and our daily p90x workout, we decided to spend the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  We took Chloe to the park until all three of us were ready to collapse.  Since the weather was so perfect, and truth be told I was too tired to shower, we decided this years birthday dinner was going to take place on our deck with some steamed crabs and BBQ.  IT. Was. Perfect.



I cannot put into words how perfect this day was.  Rob couldn’t stop going on and on about how this was the absolute best birthday of his life – and for once I totally agree with him!  Once I accepted the fact that he will never want any grand gift or celebration for his birthday and I started focusing on filling the day with his favorite things, I created the most special and meaningful birthday!

If I could relive this day over and over again I would.  So here’s to next year!



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