Pretty In Pink



For as long as I can remember, I have never been a fan of wearing pink.  When I was a kid I am sure I wore pink all of the time, however, ever since I started picking out my own outfits I always felt that pink was too juvenile and preppy.  In the past few months I have had a drastic change of heart.  Perhaps that is because pink is making a major comeback in the world of fashion – even Valentino’s creative director has brought new meaning to the color pink with his collection of “Pink is Punk”.

Once I decided I was no longer anti-pink, I started dabbling with several pale pink pieces. I even bought myself a light pink suede biker jacket last Summer.  After months of slowly adding more and more pink to my wardrobe, I stumbled across this fabulous HOT pink Alice & Olivia dress.  I had been searching for a dress to wear to a black-tie-optional wedding for months.  I had sworn to myself that this time I wasn’t going to wear black.  I’ve worn black to almost every wedding I’ve attended.  So when this pink dress popped up on my browser, I knew it was perfect.  The fit and the shape of the dress helped to edge it up a bit and the exposed zipper on the back added even more flare.

I must say, I was one of maybe five people to not wear a black dress to this wedding!  However, I loved my outfit and I certainly didn’t mind standing out.  That is the whole reason why I love fashion!  It gives us an opportunity to have fun with our clothes and make a statement through what we wear.  I had spent so much of my life trying to fit in and make sure I was well liked by everyone, but that was NO fun.  Ever since I stopped caring what other people think and started focusing on doing what makes me happy my life has become so much more fun!

Even if it feels like everyone is staring at you, ignore the side eyes and whispers and hit the dance floor until your feet fall off!  Because the laughter and the dance party is what you’ll remember, not the petty people in the background.


Dress (Alice & Olivia) Earrings (Jennifer Zeuner) Shoes (Kaitlyn Pan) Self Tanner (St Tropez)










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