Babes & Brides


It’s officially wedding season and this year I am beyond excited about every wedding I am attending.  We have all gone to weddings before that are strictly obligatory and never too much fun, however this season some of my favorite people are tying the knot and I know their weddings will be a blast!  While it’s the people that make a wedding great, the outfits we wear are still of the utmost importance!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Steph’s bridal shower (the babe in white, pictured above).  Thank goodness the weather finally came around because there was no way I wasn’t wearing my new Caroline Constas dress.  After spending weeks searching for the perfect outfit, I was not about to let another cold day ruin a fabulous outfit.  Despite how much I loved my outfit, Steph had me beat.  I mean, come on, that hunter green AllSaints jacket makes her the chicest bride-to-be I’ve ever seen.

Steph’s bridal shower was the first of many fun events on my social calendar for the season and I cannot wait to share with y’all the outfits I have planned, and I especially can’t wait to share Steph’s wedding dress!! 



Dress (Caroline Constas) Bag (Valentino) Heels (Kaitlyn Pan) Steph’s Dress (Likely)








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