Gettin’ Fit



I know it’s been a while since I have written a blog post, and the truth is that the past two months have been crazy.  Since the end of February, we have moved, Rob became and Uncle, I started a new job, and Rob and I started P90X!  And that’s just the Cliff Notes version.  So I took a brief hiatus from blogging while we adjusted to all of these changes.  Now that I have gotten back into my groove, I figured I would share with y’all why and how I decided to get fit.

I used to play competitive sports all throughout my childhood and into college.  However,  outside of sports practices and games, I was never big into working out.  If I ever did exercise, I would simply run – which never lasted more than a month.  My motivation would come and go and I never felt like I was getting anything out of running, other than stress relief. 

A little over a month ago I started modeling for Indigo Octopus, and let me tell you nothing brings out your insecurities like posing in a bikini for the world to see!  I had never paid much attention to the way my body looked before and I have never really cared much about my diet.  However, after the pictures were posted online, I found myself picking my body apart.  I was ashamed of how I felt and I decided that if I wanted to feel better about myself, then it was time I started to take care of my body.

Back when I was in high school my Aunt Alice would religiously do P90X and the few times that I did it with her it killed me.  I remember watching her do it and how intense it was, but it also put her in the best shape!  So I bought the DVDs and convinced Rob to do it with me.  We have just completed our second week and I already can see a difference.  I have also tried to eat better and have been buying a ton of fruits and vegetables.  We make açaí bowls and green smoothies everyday and I have replaced my weekly Five Guys dinner with a salad.  Although it has been an adjustment, I have genuinely started to love my daily workout.  Between the food and the exercise I feel so much better and have noticed my energy level has drastically increased.

I used to workout because I wanted to be skinny, but this go around I am working out to get stronger and healthier.  I have spent the past two years trying to become the best version of myself and being healthy is a necessary part of that!

Since I have been working out six days a week, I naturally had to invest in some cute workout attire.  Because even though I am working out to get fit, I still want to look cute while doing so!  Below are the links to some of my favorite new pieces, as well as the link to the P90X workout.


Here is the link to P90X.

These are some of my favorite tops.

Crop Tank (Carbon38) Knot Tank (Alo Yoga) Strappi Bra (Alo Yoga)

And my favorite bottoms!

Stripped Capri (K-Deer) Camo Leggings (Ultracor) Star Leggings (Ultracor)


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