Statement Tops



As I have said before, I live in jeans.  90% of my outfits start with a pair of jeans, or jean shorts.  While there are now a million styles of jeans, I sometimes feel that my outfits can get a bit  monotonous.  So, in order to prevent myself from getting bored with wearing jeans and a top/sweater/tee most days, I decided to invest in some awesome statement tops – ones that I can wear with several styles of jeans and skirts!

I know that these tops may come off as loud to some, but what’s wrong with that?  When I start to feel insecure about my outfits and afraid that I am drawing too much attention to myself, especially living in Ocean City, MD, I remind myself of Carrie Bradshaw – my fashion idol.  I’ve literally watched every episode and movie multiple times.  She was always the best dressed and never cared about being “over dressed” or standing out.  I mean, come on, she wore a freaking tutu!  So the next time you find yourself obsessed with a top or a dress or any item of clothing, but are afraid you won’t have anywhere to wear it – buy it anyways and wear it whenever you please.  Sometimes I get dressed up just to go to the grocery store – and yes, people stare, but who cares!  If it makes you feel good, embrace it and wear it whenever and wherever you want!


I’ve linked all my outfits at the bottom!













One Shoulder Top (Endless Rose) High Rise Ripped Jeans (Citizens of Humanity) Pointed Toe Bootie (Stuart Weitzman)

Off the Shoulder Top (Endless Rose) Dark Wash Skinny Jeans (Frame) Over the Knee Boots (Stuart Weitzman)

Blue Striped One Shoulder Top (StyleKeepers) Black Coated Jeans (Citizens of Humanity) Studded Heels (Kaitlyn Pan)

** My favorite brands for statement tops and dresses are StyleKeepers and Endless Rose. Both brands are inexpensive yet super stylish! **

6 thoughts on “Statement Tops

  1. You look beautiful in everything! I especially love that I’m not the only one who dresses up to go to the grocery store! The one clerk announces me when I walk in “Rachel Zoe is Here” lol


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