My Nightly Skin Routine



As promised, I am going to share with y’all my night time skincare ritual!  It is certainly a long process, however totally worth the effort.  I have stuck to this routine for years and I can absolutely tell how much of an impact it has made on my skin.  My hope is that you can take something from this blog post, wether it be a new product or some knowledge, that will help you with your skin!

Step 1: La Mer Face Wash

I’ve talked about this product before – it’s freaking AMAZING!  I want to throw up at the price of it, but it is absolutely worth it.  I wash my face with this every night!



Step 2: Kiehl’s Toner

Another product I have mentioned before.  This stuff is awesome for people with oily or combination skin.  I am especially acne prone and this toner helps tremendously with my breakouts!



Step 3: Kiehl’s Essence

I apply this all over my face and neck, after my toner has dried.  I use it both morning and night.  One bottle of this stuff will last you forever! I have had mine for almost a year now.



Step 4: Peter Thomas Roth Retinol

BEST PRODUCT I OWN.  This product has transformed my skin.  Since I started using it, about 7 months ago, my skin has had fewer break outs and, most importantly, fewer wrinkles!



Step 5: Sunday Riley Good Genes

Once the retinol has set, which takes about three minutes, I apply this stuff.  It not only helps to plump your skin, but it also helps to even out your skin tone.  Since I live at the beach, I have to fight against sun spots harder than most people.  This product is my secret weapon against the sun!



Step 6: Sunday Riley U.F.O

To be honest, my skin has been insanely dry for the past month, so I haven’t been using this product every night.  I have been using it about once a week.  What this product helps with is blackheads. And, oh boy, do I need help with that!



Step 7: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum

This is one of those products that I think everyone should have!  I love this stuff, especially during these extra dry months!  It is super hydrating, so I put it on my face, neck, and hands.



Step 8: Bobbi Brown Eye Cream

I used to use the SK-II eye cream, which I liked, but I recently received a bunch of samples of this Bobbi Brown eye cream and I LOVE IT! So I gently pat it under my eye, on the orbital bone, with my ring finger.  I’ve been told that it’s best to use your ring finger because it applies the least amount of pressure.  Since the skin around our eyes is incredibly delicate, you don’t want to aggressively rub in your eye cream!



Step 9: Shiseido Wrinkle Resist Night Cream

I was turned onto this product from one of my favorite Bravo-lebrites, Naomi Olindo.  She posted about it on Instagram a few months back and talked about how much she loved it – her description was that it was La Mer quality for a reasonable price.  That sold me! It is super rich and hydrating, which is the best for these dry winter months.  It also smells exactly like my Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede lotion!  It has lasted me much longer than most of my night creams do – probably because it is so rich that I hardly need to use any to cover my face and neck.



Step 10: Last, but not least. Vaseline

Not what you were expecting?  I have used countless lip creams and balms, but nothing beats Vaseline!  Obviously, don’t put this on if you are about to go in the sun.  I put this on last, every night, to keep my lips hydrated and to prevent them from getting chapped!



Like I said, it sounds like a lot of work!  It maybe more steps than you would prefer, but I assure you that it will pay off.  Ever since I hit puberty, I have been trying to take care of my skin and prevent breakouts.  I would like to think that I have learned a lot about my skin over the past decade, so hopefully you can learn from all of my trials and errors and just jump right to the good stuff!



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