My thoughts on Valentine’s Day


Well it’s February 9th and Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner – but I honestly could care less!  I may sound like a grinch or just a super miserable bitch, but I have truly grown to dislike Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE love and all of the sappy, corny, cheesy things people do for love!  However, over time, I have realized that Valentine’s Day has become the most over-the-top showy holiday of all.

Each year I try SO hard to think of what to get Rob for Valentine’s Day that is meaningful and special and memorable – but I come up empty every year.  My problem is that I am trying to come up with some material item that I can wrap in a bow and give to him – which is impossible.  Rob truly is not a fan of people spending money on him, which makes me love him even more, but it makes things difficult for me when I want to make him feel special!

So, each year I come to the conclusion that I won’t buy him a gift – instead I will give him a funny Hallmark card with a sweet note on the inside and we will celebrate by going out to eat.  Sounds simple yet perfect.  WRONG.  Perhaps it’s just me and my drive to make everything perfect, but I always end Valentine’s Day thinking, that wasn’t as grand and spectacular as it should have been, right?

Valentine’s Day has been SO overly marketed that I have convinced myself that a “real” Valentine’s Day should be the most romantic day imaginable – one that I’d remember forever and ever.  Yet, Valentine’s Day typically is the day that I never remember.  I can’t honestly tell you what I’ve done for Valentine’s the past three years.  However, I can tell you that, almost every Tuesday night, Rob’s one night off, we laugh until we cry and stay up until the wee hours of the morning just talking our faces off.  I can spit off three different days in the past month that were the closest thing to perfection I think I may ever find.  Those are the nights that should be celebrated.

Perhaps its just me, but I feel like there is way to much pressure on Valentine’s Day now.   It’s practically impossible to not feel insecure on February 14th.  No matter how many flowers or how much jewelry I get, I am constantly comparing myself to what I see on the TV screen or all over the internet.  The most ironic part though, is that I know that I have one of those great loves with Rob.  The cheesy kind that they write movies about and that makes your heart hurt when you’re around it because it’s so amazing.

So to put it simply, my Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day is this – block out all of the background noise and just treat it like any other day.  Because, to be honest, if you aren’t the happiest when you are just being yourselves, then you deserve more. When I think back, the best memories I have with Rob are from the most random days, the days when we are just living life!

To be fair, this is all just my opinion.  I know some people love Valentine’s Day and that it is a truly special day for them.  However, I just want to say that you aren’t crazy if you think Valentine’s Day makes you feel anything but love.


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