My Everyday Skincare Routine

Although I have talked about some of my favorite beauty products in the past, I haven’t shared with y’all my everyday beauty routine.  I will start with my morning routine today and later on I will do a post on my nightly skincare regimen – ’cause that is a much longer process!

As I have said before, I have combination skin that is highly prone to breakouts, so what works for me may not work for you!

Step 1:  La Mer The Cleansing Foam

I wash my face with this every morning and night.  However, if I take a shower, then I wash my face with my Kiehl’s exfoliating cleanser.  No matter what, I always wash my face twice a day!



Step 2: Kiehl’s Toner

I started using this toner years ago and it is the absolute best toner for anyone with oily, acne prone skin.  If I go out of town for a few days and forget to pack this stuff, my skin instantly starts to suffer!  I always apply this all over my face and neck, immediately after I wash my face.


Step 3: Kiehl’s Essence

After my toner drys, I gently pat my essence all over my face, neck, and the back of my hands (they need love too).  It takes a few minutes to fully absorb into my skin, so while I wait I brush my teeth!



Step 4: Sunday Riley Good Genes

I was turned onto this product about a year ago and it is amazing!  It is a lactic acid treatment that helps to brighten, plump, and exfoliate your skin.  I apply this all over my face after the essence is fully absorbed.



Step 5: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

This is another product that I have used forever and am still obsessed with!  It is the most hydrating tinted moisturizer that I’ve ever used and it has SPF 30 which is super important.  I use the color Birch 1.5 for my skin, which somehow works with my skin color both in the Summer and in the Winter.  I apply it all over my face and neck.  However, I make sure to always wash my hands afterwards since it is tinted and I don’t want accidentally rub it on my clothes!


That is it!  I have stuck to this routine for a while now and it truly is the best combination of products for my skin.  I am always trying out new products but I have yet to discover anything better than these five products.  Stay tuned for my night time routine – which I hope to share later this week!




2 thoughts on “My Everyday Skincare Routine

  1. So I broke down and bought the Sunday Riley Good Genes… and it has for real changed my skin in a week!!! Thank you so much for the suggestion!! Do you use it morning and night? Also, have you tried the Luna oil? I saw them sold as a pair but wasn’t sure about the oil…


    1. I’m so happy to hear that!! 😊 I used to use it religiously, morning and night, but I started going through it SO quickly so I have recently been using it only in the mornings. I put some on at night if I feel my skin needs it! I used to use the Luna Oil but I didn’t think it did much for my skin. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t think it was great either!


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