Razzled Dazzled Denim











Ever since Stella McCartney’s embellished jeans hit the market a couple years ago, I have been dying to get my hands on a pair!  However, the price of her denim was a bit much for me – I mean, let’s be real, $600 for a pair of jeans that will go out of style in a few years, no thanks.  I’d rather put that money towards a handbag or some shoes that will last!  Unfortunately, over the past year, I have been searching everywhere for an awesome pair of embellished jeans that were both stylish and cool and in my price range.  After what feels like forever, I have finally found the perfect pair of bedazzled jeans!

These jeans would probably scare most people off, upon first glance in a store, however, every time I wear them, so many people tell me how awesome these jeans are!  I actually wanted these jeans to fit more like a relaxed boyfriend jean, so I bought them two sizes too big, and I truly think that the loose fit is what makes it all work.  It elevates the look from middle school art project to chic fashionista – and I certainly don’t want to look like the former!

The jeans I am wearing are on major sale right now so I attached the link to them below, along with the rest of my outfit.  Since I am not sure how long these jeans will remain in stock, I also linked a few other great pairs of embellished jeans!


Jeans (Blank NYC) Sweater (JCrew) Booties (Stuart Weitzman)

Citizens of HumanityCurrent/ElliottHudsonStella McCartney


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