Gift Guide for your bestie – your doggie that is!

Now that I have made a gift guide for both men and women, I simply had to make one for our most important family members – our doggies!  The more you learn about me, the more you will come to understand how much I love my dog, Chloè.  She came into my life three and a half years ago, when I was going through a difficult time, and she has brought me an immense amount of joy and love.  Growing up, both my mother and sister we’re allergic to dogs, so we never had any pets – despite my best efforts.  So, when a friend of mine offered me a 4 week old puppy, I instantly accepted!

Since she brings our (Rob & I) life so much happiness, we love to spoil her every chance we get – and the holidays are no exception.  Over the past few years, we have bought her countless toys, treats, collars, and leashes, but only a handful of those products were quality purchases.  I have put together a list of the absolute best doggie products that we have bought over the year – that both, we and Chloè, adore!




1. HOUND Collection Harness

Chloe used to destroy every collar and harness we would buy her – one time she literally split the buckle in half!  However, the HOUND harnesses are amazing.  She has both the leather one (in Mint), pictured above, and the jellies version (in Pink), pictured below.  Both the leather and the jelly harnesses have held up extremely well over time, but we tend to put her in the jelly one more often because it is insanely easy to clean!




2. HOUND Collection Leash

Of course, once you get the harness or collar, it’s only fitting that you get the matching leash!

3. HOUND Collection Hands Free Leash (ADD ON)

I must admit that I have not tried this product yet, however I have been dying to check it out!  I think it is a brilliant idea and not to mention cute!

4. Jolly Ball

This is, hands down, the BEST toy we have ever bought for Chloè.  She may be small, but she sure is strong – and, man oh man, can she destroy some toys!  However, these Jolly Balls are indestructible!  She has three, one of each size and she is obsessed with each one.

She has one with her at ALL times!



5. Lacrosse Balls

Although tennis balls are what we always think of for dogs, I am here to warn you that they are actually extremely dangerous for dogs that are capable of chewing them up.   Chloè used to looove her tennis balls – especially the ones that would squeak.  However, about two months ago, a piece of a tennis ball broke off and ended up causing a major GI block.  She spent several days in the hospital and it took weeks before she fully recovered. SO, STAY AWAY FROM TENNIS BALLS!  We have since discovered that she loves a lacrosse ball just as much and, luckily, they are much more durable!

6. Pig Ears

Now, as far as treats and food, Chloè has horrible allergies – so, she is limited to what she can eat.  Her all time favorite is most definitely a pig ear.  Rob and I love them too because they are all natural and good for her!  It’s a win, win!

7. Benebone

Since Chloè can chew through most toys in under a minute, it has been a challenge for us to find her a bone that she can chew on for more than a day!  These Benebones are perfect! She has had hers for almost six months now and she still chews on it, at least, once a day. Once again, they are made from simple ingredients and a portion of each sale is donated to support animal organizations!  All the more reason to love them.

If you have any other great doggie finds, share them below!


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