The Little Skirt that Could








I’m sure you are thinking, where is the skirt?? Well, that ahhhmazing feathered top I am wearing is actually a skirt! A couple of months ago, my Aunt gave me a handful of clothes and this awesome Milly skirt was in that pile.  Unfortunately, it was a smidge too big for me – but I was not about to give up on it that easily!  While I probably could get it taken in, I don’t have a seamstress that I trust enough to alter a Milly skirt.

I really can’t tell you why I decided to try it on as a top, but I sure am glad I did!  I was thrilled to find out that it was a perfect fit!  I have been dying for a chance to bust it out and since last night was mine and Rob’s annual Christmas party, it was the perfect occasion.  I must say it was quite the crowd pleaser – even my Aunt fell in love with the ‘skirt’ all over again!

SO, if you think something doesn’t look good right away, try looking at it from a different perspective – you just may end up falling in love!


Skirt (Milly) Pants (Citizens of Humanity) Shoes

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