Rompers – A Must Have for the Holiday Party Season











I feel like most women are terrified of a romper or a jumpsuit – primarily because they are hard to pee in!  But I also feel like a romper makes more of a statement than a dress – which some women shy away from.  However, despite all of our concerns, I am here to say that rompers are amazing!

Think about all of the times you are dancing the night away in a mini dress, after a few cocktails, and you have to keep watching that hemline.  Or, all of the times that you try to grab something off of a tall shelf or when you are outside and the breeze catches your dress!  NO FUN.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a great mini dress and I have plenty of ‘hacks’ to prevent myself from having a Britney Spears moment, but, a night in a romper is so much more relaxing.

So when you are out shopping for your work holiday party or your NYE look, go for a romper!  The last thing you want to worry about is flashing the crowd a glimpse of your hanky pankys – especially if your boss is in that crowd!  If you ever catch me at a party, I am always either boogying the night away on the dance floor or rolling around on the ground with whatever dogs I find.  So, if you are anything like me, a romper is a must!


Chloe has been all about jumping in my pictures lately – so here is another one of us.  She was setting my curfew!



Romper (Show Me Your Mumu) Shoes (Steve Madden – similar pair linked)


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