Black, Not Basic









For some reason, most people consider the little black dress as “basic”.  Perhaps that’s because it is timeless and classic and always appropriate.  However, it is most certainly not basic.

I am always the girl wearing a black dress to a wedding – no matter how many times I’m told it isn’t appropriate. I’m sorry but I think it’s chic and fabulous.  Not only is it slimming, but it draws all the attention to my shoes and accessories – which are the best part!  The best part though is that you can reimagine it several times over, unlike a bold patterned dress which is a one and done.

So regardless of what your mother says, a black dress is always appropriate.  Day and night, casual and formal, weddings and soirées – there is never an occasion for which a black dress isn’t perfect.


Dress (Misa) Heels (Kaitlyn Pan) Bag  (Valentino) Earrings (Jennifer Zeuner – similar pair linked)

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