Statement Earrings











We all have those days when we don’t feel like getting all dolled up, but yet we still want to feel fabulous.  Those are the days when a great pair of statement earrings come in handy.

Last week, my sweet baby dog ended up in the hospital and had emergency surgery.  Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck.  I hardly had the energy to blow dry my hair, so when it came to getting dressed I just wanted an easy and comfortable outfit – without compromising style.  So, I threw on some jeans, a sweater, my favorite boots, and topped it all off with a bold pair of earrings.

Just because you are having a bad day (or week) doesn’t mean you can’t still look fabulous.  Sometimes a cute outfit is the only thing about me that is put together.  But, hey, you got to fake it ’til you make it… right?  We are all struggling with something, the trick is to not let anyone see you sweat.  So, when you feel like you are falling apart at the seams, slap on you favorite earrings and hold your head high! If your earrings aren’t too heavy!


Sweater (Rails) Tee (Sanctuary) Jeans (Hudson) Boots (Stuart Weitzman) Earrings (Ranjana Khan – mine are no longer available but I linked another great pair)

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