Time to Tan

As I mentioned in my last post, it can be challenging to get dressed during Spring.  The weather is so up and down that you never know what to wear.  On the days that the sun is shining and it feels like Summer, I instantly reach for a dress or some shorts.  However, I personally feel super insecure wearing such clothes without a tan.  I have the type of skin that can get nice and dark, but I also lose my tan super quick.  By the end of Winter, I am as pale as a ghost.  Last year, I discovered San Tropez self tanner and I do not know how I ever survived without it in my life.


I have tried tanning beds and spray tans, but I am not a fan of either.  This tanning mousse is easy as pie and you can control how much color you want.  However, I must tell you how imperative it is that you follow the directions.

I always exfoliate the day before and I always lather my body in Kiehls Creme de Corps immediately prior to application.  Once my lotion has set in, I apply San Tropez all over my body.  It takes me about five minutes to work from neck to toe.  I make sure every inch is evenly covered and that it has all been rubbed in, to avoid any streaks. Then once I am finished, I awkwardly walk around the house naked for a good ten minutes so that it has enough time to set!


I recommend starting slowly with self tanner to avoid an unnatural look.  I have applied it once a week for the past few weeks and have gradually achieved a bit of color.  I certainly do not look like I just got back from a vacation, but I am now confident enough to wear my favorite new shorts on the beach!


Sweater Tank (Jcrew) Shorts (One Teaspoon) Sunglasses (JCrew) Sandals (Schutz)

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