Sandal Obsession: Schutz Edition

One day last Summer, I was sitting on the beach reading a copy of Elle magazine when I stumbled upon an ad for Schutz.  I had never heard of Schutz before, but the shoes in the ad were ahhhmazing.  I had been trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for an upcoming wedding and these shoes were exactly what I wanted.  I was honestly afraid that I would find them online only to discover that they would cost me upwards of $500.  Luckily, I was wrong.

I was shocked to find that they were only $190 – usually, I can never afford things I find in a magazine.  Once they arrived on my doorstep I practically lived in them for the rest of the summer.  Not only are they super cute, but also extremely well made. While I am used to buying sandals that fall apart after one season; these still look brand new, even after two months’ worth of daily wear and tear.


So, naturally, I wanted another pair.  The Erlina sandal was at the top of my Schutz wish list and I picked them up as soon as I found them on Amazon.  If you have seen my Instagram page, then you already know that I wear them all the time.  The pale pink ones are next on my list. However, the Erlina is slowly selling out and I have a feeling they won’t be restocked. So, go buy them, NOW!

The Jolina sandal is my other favorite – probably because they look like the pink ones that I already have.  Since I love those so much, I figured I should get these as well – because, let’s face it, nothing matches a great tan like a beautiful pair of white sandals.

Schutz makes amazing booties, heels, sneakers, and flats too.  They are on the same quality level as Stuart Weitzman but for half the cost.  I highly recommend you check them out!!


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