Life in Color

Although I LOVE clothes and trying out new trends, one challenge I am constantly faced with is adding more color to my wardrobe. My closet is 90% black, white, beige, or grey. They are just so easy to wear and slimming. However, I am making more of an effort to branch out and embrace color.


As you can see, I am a big fan of neutrals.


One of my favorite colors to wear is red. Red looks good on every skin tone and it’s one of those colors that just makes you feel confident and sexy. However, the new it color this year is more of a blood orange-red and I love it.  I recently bought this red JCrew sweater and it is definitely bright; but, when you pair a bold color with a neutral (black, white, denim, etc.) it isn’t overwhelming. You can even get away with adding a touch of pattern – as long as the pattern is neutral.

The purple sweater I haven’t worn yet.  Once the warm weather arrives, I plan on wearing it with my JCrew skinny jeans and Schutz snake skin sandals.

These sandals are a perfect way to add some pattern to your outfit without overdoing it.


While I am still pushing myself to add even more color into my life, the key to looking good in a bright color is your confidence. Nothing looks as good on a woman (or man) as confidence. So go get yourself something bright, throw your shoulders back, and own it!


My purple pants are Rich & Skinny which unfortunately went bankrupt – ohh, the irony.  Joe’s Jeans make a great alternative!

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