National Fragrance Day

Since yesterday was National Fragrance Day, I figured I would share my favorite perfumes, scents, and candles with y’all!  However, what is my favorite today will likely not be my favorite in a year or so. I believe our perfume reflects who we are but, since we are constantly changing – shouldn’t our perfume? YES!


I have always loved Jo Malone, but it has taken me a while to test out all of their scents and decide on the right one. However, I finally decided on the Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume and I get tons of compliments whenever I have it on. It’s a fresh beachy scent that is perfect for Summer. Unfortunately, my mom and sister also loved it so much, they both got some for themselves. So now I am planning on getting the Peony & Blush Suede perfume to layer on top of the Wood Sage & Sea Salt.  For me, I like to have my own unique scent. It represents who you are! We are each different in our own ways, so we should each have a different scent.


Regardless of what my current favorite perfume is, I always like to have a perfume for each season. I also have one perfume on hand for special occasions only. Rob loves it because each time he smells it, it takes him back to some of our best memories together.


Atelier Cologne is a completely organic perfume. I had never heard of it before this past Summer. I was perusing the perfume selection at Sephora when the saleswoman recommended I give the Cèdre Atlas a try. It is a truly unique citrusy fresh scent – but in the best way possible. I bought the small travel size because I wanted to test it out before purchasing the 3oz bottle. However, I now just use this perfume for special occasions and the small size is perfect!


This Chanel perfume is my go-to Spring scent. I was reading a magazine a few years ago and there was a sample of Chanel Chance on one of the pages. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I went to Blue Mercury the next day and brought this delicious scent home with me. It is so feminine and floral and I love it.


Then there is the classic Ralph Lauren Blue perfume. This is the first perfume I bought wayyy back in high school. It is also the first gift Rob ever gave me – so it has some sentimental value.  I tend to wear this the most in the Winter.  Blue is such a timeless scent that I will probably always have a bottle of it on my vanity.


I love perfumes, flowers, candles, and anything that smells good.  Not only should you have a unique scent but, so should your home.  There are only a few candles and diffusers on the market that will actually leave your home smelling fantastic once you blow out the candle – which drives me insane. There is nothing worse than burning through a new candle in less than a week.  Nest candles are the BEST!  It constantly smells like we are burning candles when I have them in the house. The Moss & Mint is my favorite scent for Spring/Summer but the Holiday candle is the only thing you’ll find in my house anytime past September!


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