Hair Essentials

Ever since I was a child I have had an obsession with hair and fortunately, I was blessed with a (relatively) thick head of blonde hair. Unfortunately however, I come from a long line of women with fine hair whose styling capabilities end at using a blow dryer. So, I have spent my entire life teaching myself how to style my hair. I used to practice braiding on my American Girl doll, then I moved on to playing with my Aunt’s hair. It has not been easy learning how to tame my long mane, but I have finally cultivated the perfect combination of products and tools that give me a healthy and smooth head of hair.


Over the years I have tried countless different combinations of shampoos and conditioners – ranging from $7 a bottle up to $80 a bottle. However, Living Proof, created by Jennifer Aniston, is my favorite. If you purchase it at Sephora or your local CVS, it costs about $30 a bottle, but you can get it for half the cost on Amazon. I use their Perfect Hair Day shampoo and their Timeless conditioner. It smells great and it keeps my hair healthy and smooth without weighing it down. Then, about once or twice a week I use my Phyto purple shampoo (not pictured since I am currently out) combined with my Aveda purple conditioner. This truly makes such a difference in maintaining my vibrant blonde color.


Since my hair is so long, I have come to depend on leave-in conditioner. Before I discovered the Wet Brush, using a few spritz of It’s a 10 was the only way I could get a comb through my hair. It really is a miracle product – two to three spritz is all you need to detangle your hair. I spray it on right when I get out of the shower, and then I use my  Wet Brush to get out all the tangles.

hair 1

After that, I always throw my hair up in my Aquis hair towel. My mother introduced me to these years ago, and I highly recommend them. It doesn’t pull on your hair and hurt your neck like a traditional bath towel. Once I am ready to style my hair, I either use a few pumps of Kerastase elixir ultime, or a couple spritz of Satinique heat protector spray. I typically only use the Kerastase elixir in the Summer when my hair is constantly being fried by the sun. It helps to keep my hair soft and frizz free. The Satinique is my go to product for the rest of the year – if you dry and style your hair often, you should definitely use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.


T3 hands down has the best styling tools on the market. I have had this Featherweight blow dryer for seven years and it still works perfectly. I have never found another blow dryer that drys my hair so well. My mom tried to turn me onto the Harry Josh dryer, but it took twice as long to dry my hair and the air didn’t get nearly hot enough. I also have a T3 straightener and it works great!

I am trying to get my hands on their curling wand, too, since I have yet to find a curling iron or wand that can keep my hair curled for more than an hour. I achieved these curls with a Conair curling iron that I bought at the grocery store – but the curls always fall out by the time I leave the house. I also don’t love hair spray since it only seems to make my hair look and feel like straw.

Despite being a natural blonde, I do still get my hair colored. I just recently found a hair stylist who does Balayage and she did a fabulous job! It gives you more of a natural color without the streakiness that sometimes comes with standard highlights. I also didn’t have to sit under a dryer so my hair didn’t get as fried as it typically does with highlights. I am most certainly sticking with this balayage trend util something better comes along!


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