Must Have Handbags for Spring!

While shoes are most certainly the most fun to shop for, handbags come in at a close second. I firmly believe you should have a variety of handbags to rotate between. However, I also believe that quality is the most important thing to look for in a bag. So obviously, depending on your budget, it may take a few years, or more, to finally build up a solid handbag collection. I have spent the past three years checking off my Louis Vuitton wish list – but obviously I am already looking for my next bag. Some people may not understand how I can justify spending so much money on a bag, but these bags last a lifetime. They also never go out of style and one day my future daughter will be grateful for my lack of self control!


I bought my sister a small Burberry clutch a few years back, but since she wasn’t using it enough, I have been putting it to good use!  I keep it inside of my purse to hold all my knick knacks and when I need it for a clutch I just switch everything out.


However, I am now looking for something with a bit more personality. So I have found a few bags, ranging in prices, that will be great for both Spring and Summer.


This Kate Spade bag looks like it came right off of the Fendi runway and it’s currently on sale at ShopBop. Since I am currently trying to convince Rob that I deserve a new pair of Fendi sunnies, I think that a Fendi handbag will have to wait. So in the mean time, this pretty thing may just make its way into my closet.

zac posen

But then there is this adorable Zac Posen bag, which is just begging to come home with me. It is actually a ‘mini’ crossbody bag with a removable strap, so it doubles as a great evening bag. I am definitely into this floral trend that is happening right now – so feminine and chic.


This Salar bag has a fun punk vibe and is most certainly a statement piece. This is also a ‘mini’ crossbody bag so it would be the perfect size for a night out.  This bag would bring the best amount of color and personality to any outfit – and it is unlike any other bag on the market at the moment.


Now, if I had all the money in the world, this Valentino bag would already be in my closet. Valentino is one of my all time favorite designers, and this bag may just be the next big purchase that I convince a certain someone to buy me.


Despite my unwavering love for Mr. Valentino, this Fendi bag is the most fabulous bag I have seen in a while. It just recently made its debut on the runway, and is currently only available for pre-order. The guitar strap and bag bug are each sold separately. This is most certainly out of my price range, but I am hoping my Fairy Fendi Godmother will deliver this beauty under my pillow!

I honestly love each of these bags and cannot decide which one I should bring home with me. Stay tuned to see which beauty I decide on!


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